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August 2020 What happen lately?

Since January 2020 I have been working on my EP. With the amazing producer Alf Magne Hillestad who has been co-working with Andreas Hillestad. Ive been so lucky too for having Monica Hjelle Rennan as a vocal coach, reviewing lyrics and participating with her talented voice.

June 17th 2020. Im not blaiming Corona. Im blaiming my self. 

April 22 2020 Corona-times. A month since you heard from me. Surprised and overjoyed that people are visiting my homepage everyday(Yes, I get daily statistics). I collaborated a photo-collage summarizing this last month.  You probably agree with me when I say it is been a weird month. I was suppose to have a concert after winning a contest but I dont know when that will happen now. I am still working on my EP and thanks to amazing contributors it is going good. A normal statement now would probably be talking about its release-date which I cant tell. Even though its been a weird month I feel appreciation and joy. Thankful me and my dearest are healthy. Supplementary Im not one of those who gets bored staying home alot and I have hobbies that consumes me.  Last but not least, I have the finest cohabitant ;-)

March 24 2020 Korona Just taking a walk and a woman almost shouts as us for walking so close and I was dumb enough to say "Im Sorry". She was also waiving her arms at us at the same time lol. Stay calm & stay healthy. 

March 20 2020 Look what I found! My first song ever recorded in a studio. I met a very nice guy(Ben Forrest) at a Talentshow/competition in Riverdale, Danville when i studied at Averett University. I actually put off a soccer-game to go to play at this show after passing an audition first. Ben invited me to a studio belonging to a very nice and talented guy Will Gunnell, who I have been trying to contact these days. Wonder if he remembers me? And I just have the urge to thank him again, ten years later. What a feeling being in the studio for the first time. I still remember it. . This is definetely not my best song when it comes to either vocal or lyrics, but hey, it is still me. . When that is said Im happy to see the development in my music since then too. Great memory.

March 19 2020 Corona - times: Spending many hours at home at these days . Picked up the piano though I am not a piano player lol. Similar to the guitar playing I did learn the piano by my self around 15 years old or so. When I look back to that time I do understand how bad I prioritized music in a juvenile-hood filled with school, homework, soccer-traning, traveling for away-games and hanging with my girls and so on. Im very happy today that I spent so many hours in my room playing and singing for mostly walls. Anyway, this is just a simple piano version of my song fear.

Funny ending and funny intro. I can explain the funny ending; my phone popped up "low battery" and I didnt know it still recorded. I cant explain the weird intro. 

March 13, 2020: SkopeMag headed in Boston wrote about my release "You Go Girl". Im honored they like my new important song. So cool!

March 05 2020:

Sørlandsavissen wrote this article regarding You Go Girl and it made me feel so happy.

photo: ann Kristin johnsen
photo: ann Kristin johnsen

March 06 2020.

Can't believe my song "You Go Girl" are getting attention outside of Norway. International Women's Day Global featured me and my journey in their article: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/Missions/15037/Women-are-redefining-reinventing-and-reigniting-the-music-industry-on-their-own-terms