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Kami was born on 10.01.1992. Grew up in the cutest village "Kvam". Hard-working girl in every corner of her life. After she finally(!) started to living her dream as an artist she is day-by-day getting the most of her potensial as a an artist and songwriter with great studios and a great team(which of course includes friends and family and the loved once).

Her music consists of honesty, passion and meaningfulness. She always make sure that the melody and genre is in harmony with the feelings that floats. Her range of music exist  in different themes from folk-music, pop-rock to sick beats that makes you dont want you to leave the dance-floor


Photocred: Samuel John Ditta
Photocred: Samuel John Ditta

Kami is a bold girl experimenting in music. "It comes natural to me as the songs emotional state seek different sounds, genres and dynamic." She stands out with her fragile, clear and characteristic voice.

2019 is an important year for Kami when she gradually gets invited to bigger and greater shows. She will be spending the months of autumn in the studio recording